Cleaning up the capital, along bank Street by Rotary Way and the Ottawa Rotary Home.
On Saturday morning, October 17, 2015, several members of the Rotary Club of Ottawa South helped clean up the capital. Dawn Cooper, Julia Ginley, Scott VetterRosemary Parker and her daughter Keirabraved thcold to pick up trash along kilometre stretch of Hwy 31 (Bank Street) south of Leitrim Road.
This area was chosen as it is right by Rotary Way and the Rotary Home respite centre. The Rotary Home grounds are so nicely kept that there was little to pick up there. However, Bank Street was another story! There was plenty of trash, especially cigarette butts (100s and 100s of cigarette butts!) to pick up long the roadway.
After doing their part to clean up the Capital, the RCOS volunteers repaired to a Tm Horton's for some hot coffee and camaraderie. Thanks to all who participated!
Rotary Club of Ottawa South help clean up area around Rotary Home.
Rotary Club of Ottawa South help to clean up Bank Street.