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RCOS eBulletin – September 5, 2018
Lunch meeting was held at KS on the Keys      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Dr. Fawzi Mankal, Camp Misquah
  • President Joan was away, so Past-Pres Peter (White) adeptly handled all official functions.
  • Ian Warrack updated us on upcoming activities:
  1. Sept 12: Camp Misquah
  2. Sept 25: Rotary Home's Annual Whisky & Wine Event - get your tickets now!
  3. Dec 8: Xmas Brunch @ KS from 11am - 2pm
  4. Couldn't get sufficient people for a Wednesday afternoon tour of Jabulani WInery, so we'll forgo the official tour and arrange to go as a group on a Saturday. We'll still get tastings, but not the undivided attention we would with a booked tour.
Visit our website for up-to-date event info.
Happy Bucks
Peter White smiled and cajoled as he whisked away our loonies and encouraged our tales of happiness and gratitude.
We have a winner! We pegged the pot at $285 and it's gone. Carlo had the lucky ticket AND pulled the Joker from the deck (which still had more than half the cards). 
Guest Speaker: Dr. Fawzi Mankal, Chair of the Board for Camp Misquah 
Jeff Sirs, who has been involved with Camp Misquah since he was a teenage lifeguard there, was proud to introduce his friend and driving force behind the camp.
The camp has been around for over 60 years, and about 30 of those as Camp Misquah. It is on Lac Bitobi near Gracefield, Quebec.It has 40 staff and 20 volunteers that work to provide a memorable, fun and safe summer camp experience for people with disabilities of all ages. Campers may have Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc and benefit from the opportunity to enjoy nature and outdoor activities, while their regular caregivers enjoy some respite.
The camp also provides a great work/volunteer experience for staff and students.
Camp Misquah has spent close to $400,000 over the past five years making desperately needed repairs and building replacements. Fawzi hopes that within the next five years all structural upgrades building replacements will done to provide a safe and accommodating environment for campers and staff. They are currently fundraising for four new cabins, that function as dormitories for campers and staff. The cost is $33,000 each.
The camp operates in a budget of $200,000 per year; 10% coming from donations and 90% from camper registrations.
The talk was illuminating and demonstrated the fantastic service they are providing and great need for continued support.
Past-Pres Peter ended the meeting at 1:30, and some members stayed to chat with Dr. Mankal.