While in Cornwall for the District Assembly on April 20th, some RCOS members checked out the Quilt of Belonging.

Quilt_Warracks and MonicaMonique and Ian Warrack and Scott Vetter were in Conrwall on April 20th for the Rotary District Asssembly. Monica Ethier from Wabano graciously joined them to help promote the Rotarians for Wabano campaign. It was a full day of seminars, meetings, and talking about Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health and the many worthy programs it offers.

The conference was at teh NAV centre, and so was the Quilt of Belonging. It is beautiful and truly awe-inspiring. The Quilt of Belonging is a 120 foot long piece of textile artwork consisting of 263 11-inch fabric squares. 70 of the squares represent Aboriginal groups and the remainder feature all 193 immigrant nationalities in Canada. The Quilt project was a collaborative effort which took over six years to complete and involved hundreds of volunteers from across the country.

Photo: Ian and Monique Warrack and Monica Ethier pose with the QUilt of Belonging.