RoTell - August 5, 2020

Rotary Meeting – 05 August 2020    Scribe: Rosemary Parker


KS News

Bobby has almost competed renovations on the restaurant.

Sam will let us know when we can resume our meetings at KS.

The members at the meeting today are keen to get back to meeting at the restaurant. We are looking at weekly meetings starting after Labour Day.


National Capital Car Show 2020

Wesley Clover Parks has decided to cancel the Auto Show this year for safety reasons.

They are looking forward to working with us for next year's show.


Carlo Barrile

Sadly, Carlo is no longer a member of our club.

He is now in a nursing home in Toronto.

Joan is hoping to get an address so we can send a card to him.


Uganda Project

September is the target date for the school to reopen.

Jeanine has informed the school that she will send funds once the children are back at school.



We are moving forward with the backpacks for this school term.

We also discussed providing Chrome books and/or laptops to lower income families who cannot afford them. A lot of the students will be studying from home in the fall and families will need more than one computer for the children to study online.


Next Meeting – Wednesday, 19 August 2020