At our luncheon on June 15, 2011 we had the honour of meeting and listening to several local high school students who have distinguished themselves during their secondary school years. The RCOS offers a bursary to three local High Schools (Hillcrest HS, Ridgemont HS and Brookfield HS) as well as the Ledbury Banff Community Scholarship Program. See photos.

The actual criteria is determined by each institution, but typically the recipients have demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill through grades, athletic accomplishment and/or community/school spirit. The recipients and their guests enjoyed lunch with us and then spoke to their accomplishments, what they would be taking at university and what they they aspired to be. 


This year's RCOS High School Bursary recipients are:

 Hillcrest HS: Dakota Fripp and Heather Page

Ridgemont HS: May Shaker

Brookfield HS: Tatenda Masama