RoTell November 8, 2017
RoTell November 8, 2017
Lunch meeting was held at KS on the Keys      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Guest speakers: Geralyn Klassen and Arianne Moran
  • Carlo Barrile (new member!)
  • Jeffrey Parkhouse (Rotaract President)
  • Gezina Pluim
  • Marvin Baker (visiting Rotarian)
  • Ian informed us that:
    • RCOS family Christmas party will be Saturday, December 9 from 11am – 2pm at KS.
    • Wednesday, December 13 is our next General Meeting
    • Next week is the Rotel annual meeting
    • Friday, February 23 is the annual Trivia Night hosted by Stittsville club. We need (intelligent) volunteers (might have to go outside the club)
  • Jeffery Parkhouse invited us to a joint Rotaract/Rotary get-together on Monday, November 20 from 7 – 9pm at KS.
  • Rosemary updated us on Jeff Sirrs. He had surgery on both of his knees. He had an accident diving at a public pool and now has braces on both knees.He is convalescing at the retirement home at 2431 Bank St. Rosemary isn’t sure about visiting hours, but was planning to see him that day.
  • Gary let us know that we will start our monthly social dinners (food from a different country), and we’ll start with an Afghani restaurant.
Marvin Baker told us a bit about the Kelowna Rotary Club, particularly of their Adventures in Tourism project. He presented President Joan with a banner form his club. Joan returned the favour with an RCOS banner. (Definitely a banner day all round.)
Happy Bucks
Gary was especially happy with family here for lunch (and we were too, it kept him on his best behaviour!), so he pleasantly presided over Happy Bucks.
Jeffery, felt right at home at our lunch, so he deftly dealt the deck for our 50/50 draw. Guest Arianne had the winning ticket, but unfortunately did not draw the Joker, so no prize was awarded and (we trust) the pot continues to grow.
Presentation on Rotary Youth Exchange
Geralyn Klassen (Gary and Gezina’s daughter) had gone on a Rotary Youth Exchange some years ago and was asked to speak to us about the experience, what it meant to her, and its impact. Geralyn works at CUSO, and invited a co-worker who had been on a RYE just a few years ago.
It was great to hear their experiences, bot about their trips, but also about the positive effects and life lessons learned. Despite many years between the exchanges, different countries and host families, there were many similarities in their growth and appreciation for the experiences.
It was a well coordinated, informative and entertaining presentation.
President Joan ended the meeting promptly at 1:30pm.
Marvin Baker from Kelowna RC and President Joan exchange club banners.
Arianne Moran and Geralyn Klassen, both previous Youth Exchange participants, and employees at CUSO after their presentation.
Russell Hampton
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