Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
RoTell - December 20, 2017
We had two guests:  Merv Letts, out guest speaker, and Eloi Biquer who has attended one other meeting.  Eloi is a student who would like to discuss the possibility of us sponsoring him for a global scholarship.
Gary conducted the 50/50 draw.  Sam’s ticket was drawn but he did not find the Joker.
Moe made his way around the table collecting happy bucks and some interesting stories.
Lots of shots were taken at Gary.  He was up to six by 1:00 pm.  Maybe that will teach him not to be so loquacious.
Merv did a bit of a refresher on Part 1 of his presentation where he discussed early childhood memory and how memory is formed.  He then talked about events from his young memory, growing up in Minnedosa, Manitoba in the 1940’s and 50’s.  The events that he recalls vividly include getting his arm caught in the wringer of a washing machine, having his sleigh destroyed by a stampede of horses, a boy scout trip where he fell into a stream with rapidly moving water and almost drowned and the strap that was used by the Principal of the school that he attended.  Note the trauma attached to these memories.  He had copies of his book available and gave all the money he received from us back to our Club to donate to PolioPlus ($100).
We had a crew consisting of Peter (Pauker), Patrick, Allan, Gary, Ian and myself who joined Mack back at his office and stapled promos for the Bridal Show in January.  About half way through our work, Brian MacGregor took our beer orders and served a couple of brews from Beyond the Pale.
There is no meeting on December 27th or on January 3rd.  Next meeting will be on January 10th at KS.