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RoTell - March 17, 2021

via Zoom, Scribe: Scott Vetter, Screen Captures: Robin Spencer


  • Joan mentioned that Julia Ginley is establishing a steering committee to work on a protocol for how the smart class room would be operated. She is hoping to have the committee composed of clubs who have supported education in Dominica. Jeanine volunteered.

Happy Bucks

Members are happy with the warming weather and Eva shared that she just attended (Zoomed?) a Rotary meeting in Sr. Petersburg, Russia. Her longtime friend and fellow Rotarian Randall Eastman is a member of that club. 
Meet Molly O'Ray
Currently an Officer for the Community Partnerships Program with the Canadian Red Cross, Molly is a  fiercely dedicated and effective environmental activist and researcher. And it seems like she is just getting started.
Molly has already proven herself as proactive and a leader, with many years of studying researching and very active in environmental service. She has gained great experience and made a positive impact working and living in Panama, Alaska and the Canadian West Coast.
Afflicted with Chikungunya Disease, which she contracted while abroad, Molly had to slow down, rest and put her studies on hold for bit. She is now ready to pursue her graduate studies at the University of Manchester, an MA in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response.
Molly is applying for a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship and is seeking endorsement from our club,,, which was given unanimously and enthusiastically.
Rotary Club of Ottawa South members were very impressed with the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism that Molly O'Ray has shown in her international service and studies.

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