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RCOS eBulletin – April 22, 2020
Online Zoom meeting      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • We held a Zoom online meeting with 13 or so signing in. If you tried to attend but had tech issues doing so, please contact Alex or Scott so that you can make the next meeting.

  • Alex informed us that since we are not meeting and eating at KS on the Keys,  the Board agreed that the club should reduce fees during the pandemic to $75 per quarter (Rotary International dues). You can continue to pay the regular dues and receive a charitable donation receipt for the difference. Help the club and get a tax deduction, oh joy! 

  • Gary updated us on Rotel. It has been closed as of March 27, but may open for medical staff of CHEO and the General Hospital if they need on-site accommodations. Negotiations are ongoing. 

  • Jeanine reported on the Uganda project: Our 20 girls were abruptly sent home from school on March 17th. All students were told to leave and not to come back for a while. To put this into context, the first term of the school year starts the beginning of February; schools were about 5 weeks into the school year when they were shut down. The Ministry of Education (Janet Museveni, the president's wife is the Minister of Education) recently stated schools will re-open June 22. She asked that schools "pay forward" the money received for the first term (usually from the beginning of February until mid June). I am not so sure that will happen - we will have to see what we hear from the school. The present plan is to have the schools re-open about the time they would break until the start of term two. We do have dedicated funds (for 20 girls) in the bank for the  entire school year, which will end in mid December, 2020.

  • Jeanine sewed 30 masks for the Ottawa Rotary Home. They put out an urgent call and Jeanine answered for RCOS. (See photo below.)

  • Joan and Bernie commented on our golf tournament,which likely will not happen this year. The Hunt Club may not open at all this summer and our sponsors are likely to be concerned with their own businesses and not able to support charity events.

Happy Bucks

We all were grateful for good health and "seeing" each other during this time of isolation.


There was no virtual draw.. just as well as Sam wasn't online to win.


We had a productive and orderly discussion on finances and beneficiaries. We are in a new reality with limited funds coming in and must therefore make some tough decisions. President Alex will be sending members an email with a an update and looking for your feedback.

President Alex banged the gong, or clicked a sound effect, and ended the meeting a little after 1:30.

You will be invited to the next Zoom meeting, hope to see you then!

RCOS screen capture from Zoom online meeting April 22, 2020.

RCOS screen capture from Zoom online meeting April 22, 2020.

RCOS Member Jeanine Parker sewed masks for Ottawa Rotary Home.

RCOS member Jeanine Parker sewed masks for Ottawa Rotary Home.


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