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RoTell - April 21, 2021

via Zoom
Editor: Scott Vetter, Assistant Editor: Rosemary Parker, Photographer: Robin Spencer


  • Presenters Chris Snyder and John Currie
  • Scott Serson, Xavier Rankin, Denise Inglis, Daunett Tucker, Chris Meechan, Julia Ginley, Gary Pluim (the newer, improved version)


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Rotary Honouring Indigenous Peoples

Rotary Honouring Indigenous Peoples (HIP) is a structured movement to foster relationships between Rotary clubs and Indigenous Peoples.

Chris Snyder, HIP Chairperson, and John Currie, Executive Director, provided a brief review of Canada's history with Indigenous People's, an overview of how HIP came about, and the critical importance of nurturing harmonious relationships.

HIP is focused its efforts on addressing three steps to moving forward together:
  1. Awareness and Learning
  2. Building Relationships
  3. Walk Together

They are inviting all Canadians, whether a Rotarian or not, to join them on this journey to establishing a more sustainable and harmonious nation. 

From their website, here is HIP's mission and vision: 

Our mission is to catalyze societal change by inspiring Indigenous & Non-Indigenous relationship building, strengthening community well-being and advancing the next generation of leaders.
Our vision is that all Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples work together, interconnected and interdependent, for the benefit of future generations. While HIP remains focused on education, awareness and relationship building, we place emphasis on building of meaningful, equitable and long-lasting relationships. By creating bonds and supporting one another, we employ key elements needed to walk the path together.
Take the blue button and read more on HIP website:
Chris Snyder, Chairperson
Member of RC Toronto
John Currie, Exec. Dir.
Member of RC Pickering

Through my mirror I can see, all the Rotarians looking back at me... do you see yourself?

Many Rotary Club of Ottawa South members and guests listen to a presentation on Rotary Honouring Indigenous Peoples (HIP).

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