RoTell - September 30, 2020
RoTell - September 30, 2020
Meeting held via Zoom
Several items were discussed at today's meeting:
  • We welcomed David Oliver as a new member (official process and details to follow). David was an active member of the Rotary Trans Border Club, south of Sherbrooke, QC.
  • Bill and Gary suggested that to ensure Club business continued during COVID, Committee chairs should outline specific goals for their committee over this Rotary year. President Joan agreed that it was a good idea and will raise it with the Board.
  • It was also suggested that weekly Zoom meetings would be beneficial for both business and social aspects of the club. Perhaps occasional in-person meetings for those who feel comfortable with a socially distanced get-together.
  • President Joan will schedule a Board meeting, via Zoom, to discuss these and other matters.
  • A regional membership committee has been formed, Bill will be representing RCOS.
  • Dave reported that of the remaining 20 school bags packed with school supplies, 10 were given to St. Elias church and 10 to the Banff Community Centre. See RoTell - September 6 for more details on our Back to School program.
  • Scott got a report from Molly (President of Rotaract Club of Ottawa South) regarding the Rotaract Mental Health project. Both local Rotaract clubs are working together, going through the online training and reviewing content. They feel that some of the content will need to be customized for their market (current video is dated and case studies could be more relevant). They are looking for additional resources to add as well as a mental health and COVID module. They will be doing trial online presentations within their clubs and then would like to present to RCOS. They will not have a mental health profession online for these presentations (one will be online to provide support during future presentations); however Molly has received Safe Talk and LivingWorks training.
It was an engaging and enjoyable discussion covering many topics; tune in on October 14 for our next meeting.
We'll try to get Eva to smile for the next photo.
Russell Hampton
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