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RoTell - April 7, 2021

via Zoom, Scribe: Scott Vetter


  • President-elect Dave chaired today's meeting. (Joan urgently had to bring her bitch to the vet to deliver puppies.)
  • Eva informed us of a decades-long Inter-Country Committee friendship group that the St. Petersburg has with a US Rotary Club. A wonderful example of the power of Rotary.
  • April 24 City Clean-up for Earth Day is being postponed to May 29: Joan has arranged for our club to clean up around the Ottawa Rotary Home (as we have done for several years), as well as Pine Grove trails area. We will meet at 9:30am Saturday April 24 at the Ottawa Rotary Home (823 Rotary Way Ottawa, Ontario K1T 3W6) Members, family and friends are welcome to pitch in and pick up!
  • Scott is looking into requirements for our club to reinstate our lottery license. 
  • Gary will be sending out invoices for Club dues for Jan - Mar and Apr - Jun so we can catch up on our billing and finances. Payment can now be made via Interac email transfer to

Happy Bucks

Warm thoughts for spring, but cool for lock-down. Reminders to support local business with online and curbside pick-up. Happy Birthday to Rosemary (10th) and Jeanine (12th)! 
Strategic Plan Review - Act ll

Conversation on consideration of fundraising continued.

Much good discussion regarding possibilities for a golf tournament were discussed and will be further investigated by the golf committee.

It was pointed out that as well as looking at how to raise money during the pandemic, this is an opportunity to plan and be ready for strategic and effective fundraising post-pandemic.

Click below for a PDF of the summary slides of our previous process. Join our next meeting to join in on the conversation.

"I’m not a tree-hugger, but I have grave concerns about climate change as an issue that will affect my grandchildren and future generations. And I must admit to a selfish motivation: I was concerned that we were missing the boat. In surveys of Rotarians, Rotaracters, and potential Rotarians, the environment is one of the top five causes for every group. That prospective Rotarian would go to the Rotary website and look at our causes, not see the environment listed, and move on. I saw it as an issue of Rotary’s relevance, in addition to being something we need to do substantively. One of my emphases as president was to grow Rotary, and I saw not having the environment as one of our causes as a hindrance to growth.
Mark Daniel Maloney , 2019-20 Rotary President
RCOS members deep in thought and hard at work discussing fundraising considerations.

Don't miss our next meeting - the strategy discussion continues! Click the button below next Wednesday at 12:29 PM.