RoTell - September 16, 2020
RoTell - September 16, 2020
Meeting via Zoom


  • Dave informed us that the Community Services committee prepared and delivered 100 school backpacks (see story below)
  • Jeanine has boxes of dictionaries in her garage and is trying to get in touch with the schools to distribute them for the Dictionary 4 Life program. Busy time of year for the schools and probably more hectic than usual, so she'll keep trying.
  • Dave commented that he is getting good feedback on a car rally fundraiser. It will require a fair bit of organization and will be scheduled for 2021.
  • Jeanine was speaking with the school in Uganda. They are still closed, but offer us all their blessings.
  • Joan brought our attention to her email regarding how to handle meetings in the future; please reply to her email with your thoughts.
  • Rosemary is in Newfoundland assisting her mother, we wish them well.
  • Also good health wishes go out to Jacques' son Rob.
Very small attendance at this meeting, but much discussion about our activities, fundraising and meetings.
President Joan stopped the scintillating conversation and ended the meeting at 1:30pm.
Next meeting, via Zoom, at 12:30pm on September 30, 2020.
RCOS Contributes Backpacks to Students 2020
For many years, the Rotary Club of Ottawa South has been donating backpacks to students for back to school. 2020 is no exception, even though this school year is rather exceptional.
It will be a different and difficult year for all students this year, but school can be especially challenging for students from lower-income families. Each year, for many years, one of the projects undertaken by the RCOS Community Services committee is collecting, organizing and donating backpacks filled with school supplies. Back to school is an expensive time of year, and many families in Ottawa South struggle to fully equip their kids for the school year. This project benefits students who may not otherwise have a backpack, certainly not a new one, nor filled with great supplies.
The Community Services committee uses funds generated by the Club's fundraising to buy the bags and supplies. Local retailers, Giant Tiger and Staples always provide discounts allowing our budget to go further and benefit more students. This year, all of our fundraising initiatives have been cancelled, so the discounts were particularly appreciated. This year 100 backpacks were given out. The Salvation Army Citadel distributed 60 of the bags, 20 were given to the Banff Community Centre and the remaining 20 were  distributed by RCOS.
Dave Gough, Mahamud Elmi, Rosemary Parker and Jeanine Parker arranged to get the bags and supplies; Jeanine even sewed material book bags as an added bonus in the package of goodies. Students received a backpack (with built-in wiring to charge a phone), book bag, binder, duo-tangs, lined paper, note books, pencils, colouring pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler, and this year, a package of face masks and container of hand sanitizer.
Moe Elmi and Dave Gough drop off backpacks and supplies to teh Banff Community Centre.
Jeanine Parker and Rosemary Parker with bags and supplies at the Salvation Army Citadel.
If you'd like to help out with any Rotary Club of Ottawa South projects, please reach out:
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile