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July 24, 2020

Meeting held via Zoom
Hadi Mortada, Dave Rooke, Dave Gough, Carolyn Clark, Bill
  • This was President Alex's last meeting as official ruler of all. Members thanked him for his service over this novel and challenging year.
  • There will be no July Change-over meeting due to COVID-19. A get-together will be scheduled as soon as appropriate.
  • Next meeting, via Zoom, will be July 8. Meeting schedule will be a topic of discussion.
  • Longtime friend to RCOS and wife of former (and equally impressive) member Dr. Roland des Groseilliers, Dr. Margaret Hansen des Groseilliers died on June 11 2020. She was an impressive person who contributed greatly to others and the community. You can read more about her impressive life here: Obituary 
Sergeant Mahamud Elmi, RCOS member and officer with the Ottawa Police Services
Mahamud (Moe) became a police officer to contribute, to help keep Canada safe, law-abiding and a wonderful place to live. He was the first Somali-Canadian Sergeant in Canada. His career is already crammed with such firsts, awards and commendations that underline his commitment to community service and achieving his personal best.
Moe spoke to us today about his experiences as a black Muslim immigrant and police officer. The following are some notes from Mahamud's heartfelt talk that touched on many important issues.
Many of those at the Black Lives Matter rally last week were protesting their lived experience. We all have such different life experiences that it can be difficult to experience others' perspectives. He supports dialogue and having the awkward conversations that can enlighten and help people understand: we can learn form each other if we take the time to listen.
Regardless of our race, religion or beliefs, we're all humans and share that sameness. We should make more effort to understand why others feel as they do and why they express it as they do. Sharing our lived experiences and trying to appreciate each other builds better community understanding and a stronger society.
He reminded us that the criminal actions of some police officers do not reflect the views and actions of all police. He feels that Ottawa Police Services is quite progressive in many ways and that Chief Peter Sloly is working hard to evolve the service.
It was an involving and considerate talk that will keep us thinking.
Sergeant Moe Elmi speaks to RCOS.
Rotary Club of Ottawa South Zoom meeting on July 24, 2020.
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