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RoTell - April 14, 2021

via Zoom, Scribe: Scott Vetter


  • Club fees can now be paid by via email Interac ( and donations can be made to Invoices for Club dues will be sent out shortly. (Hey, why not make a donation while you wait?)
  • St. Vincent has been severely hit by the eruptions at La Soufriere. Suzette Weeks, President of the St. Vincent and Grenadines (SVG) Association of Ottawa is fundraising via the RC Ottawa West. Our DG Hadi has reached out to the DG of District 7030 to find out what the needs are and the best way to get funds to them. More info will follow in an email from Joan.
  • City Clean-up for Earth Day is postponed to May 29: Joan has arranged for our club to clean up around the Ottawa Rotary Home (as we have done for several years), as well as Pine Grove trails area. We will meet at 9:30am Saturday April 24 at the Ottawa Rotary Home (823 Rotary Way Ottawa, Ontario K1T 3W6) Members, family and friends are welcome to pitch in and pick up!
  • Mark your calendar, special guest speaker on May 12: Emma Langham, Climate Change Outreach and Communications Coordinator for the Climate Change and Resiliency Unit of the Planning, Infrastructure, and Economic Development Department of the City of Ottawa
Strategic Plan Review - Act lV

We got deep into the weeds on the golf course today. We kept driving for the green, but spent most of our time whacking in the rough. (Don't take that out of context.)

There were many good points and lively discussion, much about the pros and cons of trying to organize a golf tournament this year. It was decided that Dave would work with a small committee to flesh out a proposal for a September golf tournament. We'll circle back to this in two weeks.

[Click below for a PDF of the summary slides of our previous process. Join our next meeting to join in on the conversation.]

RCOS members deep in thought and hard at work discussing fundraising considerations. (Is it just me, or do we get better looking each week?)

Don't miss our next meeting - the strategy discussion continues! Click the button below next Wednesday at 12:29 PM.