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Sep 30, 2020 12:30 PM
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Russell Hampton
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RCOS eBulletin – May 20, 2020
Online Zoom meeting      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Alex spoke of the Rotaract Ottawa online poker event this Friday evening: This is a fun and free-to-play poker tournament, however, if you can, in lieu of a buy-in, please make a donation through the Eventbrite page (recommended $10) to our partner organization, COVID-19 Women's Initiative (CWI). CWI is a non-profit organization comprised of students, physicians, and community members across Canada that is collecting monetary donations in order to support local women's shelters. Here is a link to the Eventbrite page:
  • Jeanine informed us that we will postpone our next payment for the Uganda Girls in School project until the school has re-opened.
    moe informed us that the Somalia Hope Academy closed in March (rather than May), but their Board decided to continue to pay their teachers during the closure. (There is no government assistance in Somalia.) Their primary annual fundraiser, the SHF Gala, is tentatively rescheduled to Early October. All teachers and students are healthy.
  • Scott gave a quick update on Rotel which has been closed since March 27. Fixed costs run about $1,000/day while we’re closed. Opening obviously costs more, and we are anxious to open as soon as we feel we can generate sufficient revenue to cover most costs. Boards members and Suzy are speaking to hospital contacts on an ongoing basis to try and determine when elective surgeries will pick up again and overall demand increase. A date will be decided upon soon and that will be announced on Rotel website.
  • Next Zoom meeting is at 12:30 on Wednesday June 3, 2020.
Happy Bucks
Many members are happy for various reasons, one that stands out is Gary and Gezina celebrating 55 years of marriage. I was going to say “happily married bliss”, but the editor (Gezina) scratched that out.



Topic:Food Chain and COVID 19
Speaker & Facilitator: Our own Peter Pauker, who worked with the government in food safety and inspection for over 30 years. 
Peter gave a very informative overview of the food industry and processing. Federal food regulations are handled by the CFIA via the Safe Food for Canadians Act and Food and Drug Act.
Overall, we can place faith in the stringent regulations and safety of our food chain. New issues arise in a pandemic such as the meat processing plant closures. Meat processing plants are governed either by Provincial legislation (smaller, local slaughterhouses) or federally (large plants that supply large supermarket and restaurant chains. Federal regulations are quite involved and very expensive to implement, therefore they try to process as much meat as possible which leads to cramped conditions. Note that we aren’t getting salmonella, the workers are getting coronavirus.
Peter answered our many questions and peppered his talk with many facts and dates, he either has great crib notes or a sharp memory.

President Alex banged the gong, or clicked a sound effect, and ended the meeting a little after 1:30.

You will be invited to the next Zoom meeting June 3, hope to see you then!

RCOS screen capture from Zoom online meeting May 20, 2020.

RCOS screen capture from Zoom online meeting May 20, 2020.


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