RoTell December 13, 2017
RoTell December 13, 2017
RCOS eBulletin – December 13, 2017
Lunch meeting was held at KS on the Keys      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Dr Boys, Jenelle Sullivan, Ian and Monique’s granddaughter Erin
  • Ian reminded us that:
    • Merv Letts is speaking next week with further reminences for his recently published book.
    • No meeting Dec 27, 2017
    • No meeting Jan 3, 2018
    • Friday, February 23 is the annual Trivia Night hosted by Stittsville club. We need (intelligent) volunteers (might have to go outside the club)
  • Joan awarded Alex wit a bottle of wine to celebrate his retirement.
  • Gift cards of approx $30 each will assist 150 families with their Christmas dinner this year. Rosemary will be giving out the cards at Salvation Army on Friday.
  • Check our website homepage for upcoming meetings and events.
Happy Bucks
Rosemary handled Happy Bucks as we handed over our loonie with thoughts of appreciation and reasons for happiness this week.
Patrick performed his playing card prowess as he deftly handled the 50/50duties. Peter P had the winning ticket, but missed the Joker. Only a dozen cards left and the pot has grown to $527.
Peter White shared his reflections and remarks on his year of Presidency (2016-2017).
Sam Monsour led us through financials for the club and our foundation. We’re in good solid position, and no longer running a deficit for our lunches (with our Move to KS on the Keys). Annual filings with CRA have already been done.
The following Board was elected:
President:  Alex Davidson
Past President:  Joan Hunter
President-elect:  Allan Cayer
Treasurer:  Sam Monsour (2nd year of term)
Secretary:  Joan Hunter (2nd year of term)
Club Services:  Ian Warrack (2nd year of term)
Community Services:  Dave Gough (2nd year of term)
International Services:  Gary Pluim (2nd year of term)
Membership:  Allan Cayer (2nd year of term)
Public Relations:  Scott Vetter (2nd year of term)
Youth Services:  no nominee
While not a position on the Board, we are pleased to advise that Carlo Barrile has agreed to serve as our Sergeant-at-Arms.
President Joan ended the meeting promptly at 1:30pm.
Members in attendance for the 2017 AGM.
Presiden Jaon presents newly retired Alex Davidson with a bottle of wine.
Russell Hampton
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