RoTell August 23, 2017
RoTell August 23, 2017
Lunch meeting was held at KS on the Keys      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Guest speaker: Merv Letts from Rotary Ottawa West
  • Cindy Wheeler, Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation
  • Jenelle Delormes, PITPO Committee
  • Although Joan wasn’t able to get onto see Reg (he was being moved) we hear that he is doing better – all wished him well.
  • Polo in the Park Ottawa update from Monique:
    • Everyone should be selling tickets to friends and acquaintances: Gen Admin is $20; children under 18 are free, VIP tables are $2000, Picnic Baskets are $100
    • Still time to sell arena signage: 1 for $300; 2 for $450
    • PITPO committee meeting after lunch
    • Several members are going to Browns Cleaners to staple PITPO promo cards to outgoing orders.
  • Allan suggested a supper club for social gatherings. Each time, a different restaurant would be chosen offering a country or ethnic food. Starting with “A” and working through the alphabet. (Already much debate over “H” and “L”!)  Stay tuned!
  • Need help stuffing backpacks over next few days – contact Jonny. Salvation Army will look after distribution.
  • Cindy Wheeler promoted Whisky and Wine - a great annual event for Ottawa Rotary Home to be held at the KPMG offices on Wednesday September 27th starting at 6:15 pm. Get tickets quickly as they are already selling fast. More info here.
  • Bobby, our wonderful host from KS on the Keys has helped form a Political Action Committee and their main concern right now is the proposed minimum wage increase. There holding a fundraiser at KS on August 29 from 6-8pm. You can find out more at
  • Check our website homepage for upcoming meetings and events.
Happy Bucks
Allan commandeered the room as he elicited what we were happy about: summer weather, family and friends were a common refrain.
Hector (who seems to have landed an ongoing 50/50 Dealer gig – I think he’s taking it to Las Vegas soon) handled the 50/50 draw. Jeff had the winning ticket, but Lady Luck ran out on him after that and the pot thickens: now a tantalizing $416.
Presentation on “Flashbacks of a Prairie Kid”
Merv Letts has just published his new book “Flashbacks of a Prairie Kid.” It’s a narrative history of vignettes of life growing up in a small town on the Canadian Prairie during the war years. He shared some with us, painting a vivid image of life a few (or so) decades ago.
We started with a lesson; Merv presented information on Infantile Amnesia (no, that’s not when you forget your kid’s birthday), which makes it difficult for most people to remember things that happened before they were 3-4 years old. He also explained how the development of the Cognitive Self affects our memory along with Analytical versus Intuitive or Experiential decision making.
Thankfully, after pushing the limits of our own cognitive ability, Merv started recounting several of his earliest memories. (Spoiler alert: the sled gets destroyed.) It was an enjoyable presentation and seems that the book would be a very enjoyable read. Contact Merv to order a copy:
President Joan ended the meeting promptly at 1:30pm.
Merv Letts, auteur, stands with Ian and Joan after his informative presentation to our Club.
Many thanks to some of the PITPO Stapling brigade: Peter, Jacques, Patrick, Joan and Gary. Extra thanks to Mack for hosting, providing the supplies, and allowing us to promote PITPO via Browns orders!
Russell Hampton
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