Russell Hampton
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RCOS eBulletin – July 25, 2018
Lunch meeting was held at KS on the Keys      Scribe: Joan Hunter
Guest Speaker: Bobby Swaita
Riley Weymann from the Rotaract Club
Bradley Lamoureaux who works for the Waterford Retirement Home (Bank and Hunt Club). He is a prospective member for us and he plans to be back again next week.
Happy Bucks
Joan did happy bucks
Bradley picked the 50/50 ticket and it was Joan’s number but she pulled the Queen of diamonds.  Boo Hoo!  Sam thinks the pot is at $150.
Guest Speaker
Robert (Bobby) Swaita was our guest speaker.  He spoke to us about why he has decided to run for City Councillor in the Gloucester-Southgate Ward (currently held by Diane Deans).  Bobby was introduced by Sam who gave a brief bio of Bobby’s life growing up in Ottawa and his career as a systems consultant before taking over KS on the Keys.  Bobby spoke to the reasons why he has decided to run, emphasizing that he is not looking for a “job” but rather wants to bring “progress” to the area - better policing to ensure security for residents, programs for children especially those from under-privileged families, upgrading parks and roads, etc  — in short better use of the revenues already generated through taxes.  His philosophy is that the citizens of Ottawa (tax-payers) are the clients of the city and the city needs to be responsive to them.  He is a proponent of using new technologies to solve age-old problems such as waste disposal.  He feels that he has the knowledge of how the city works, what the policies are and the know-how on bringing about positive outcomes.