RoTell November 16, 2016
RoTell November 16, 2016
Meeting Notes of November 16th, 2016     Scribe: Jeff Sirs
Open Meeting
Welcoming to everyone at 12:30
Singing of O Canada led by Dave Gough
Toast to the Queen, country and good works of Rotary
Grace said by Mack MacGregor
A sheet was circulated on which was recorded/updated birthdays and anniversaries so that we can return to the habit of celebrating these at our meetings (Joan)
Tickets available for the “Masters Raffle,” a fundraiser of the Bytown Rotary Club (Joan)
Reference to upcoming meetings (Joan)
November 23rd we are hosting Rev. Phil Kim who will be talking about the Korean War and it’s impacts.
November 30th we are meeting at the Ottawa Mission from 9am to 11am to make sandwiches for the residents there. Our regular meeting for that day will be cancelled. Dawn is arranging for volunteers to go to the mission.
Once again this year we will be assisting the Salvation Army with their Christmas Kettle program at Billings Bridge Plaza this year on December 10th. Volunteers are needed to take a shift that day between 10am and 3:30pm.
Reminder of our Christmas Brunch at KS on the Keys restaurant on Saturday December 17th. No meeting on December 14th in lieu of our Christmas Brunch on the 17th.
 Other announcements from the floor
Happy Bucks
Was completed by Hector.
Was completed with Jeff pulling out the two of diamonds.
Guest Speaker
Brida Peres is a charming young student from Brazil on the Rotary student exchange program. The Rotary Club of Nepean/Kanata is the sponsoring club for Brida. She will be here until July 2017 and will be visiting may parts of Canada during her stay here.  She really wanted to come to Canada and had a wonderful time experiencing our recent Halloween celebrations. Her parents are hosting a student from Taiwan.
Mack thanked Brida for her presentation.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:25pm
Mack MacGregor thanks Rotary exchange student Brida Peres for her presentation.
Peter presents Joan Hunter with her President-Elect pin. 
Russell Hampton
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