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RoTell - October 20, 2021

Rotary Club Ottawa South eBulletin

In-person at KS on the Keys and via Zoom
Editor: Scott Vetter, Assistant Editor: Rosemary Parker, Photographer: Robin Spencer


  • Welcome to our guest speaker Aaron Kelly (son of members Bill and Sherri); Teresa Thomblison, President of Rotaract Club Ottawa South.
  • Jeanine provide a Dictionaries 4 Life update: We've received the dictionaries. They are beautifully printed and full of illustrations - it's a nice book to have. The two schools have been contacted and the dictionaries will be delivered to RE Wilson and Charles Hulse next week.
  • Thanks to Bill and Aaron for setting up and testing the meeting A/V equipment for today's hybrid meeting.
EV is the EZ Choice - Electric Vehicles

Presented by Aaron Kelly

Aaron gave an informative and interesting talk on the financial, health and environmental, and convenience benefits of owning an electric vehicle.
The cost of electricity to power a car will vary obviously with how much you drive. What won't change is the significantly lower cost of electricity compared to gas. Additionally, there are many fewer motor and moving parts to service. Maintenance is considerably cheaper.
With the increasing coverage of climate change and the damage we are doing to our climate, reducing green house gases is a no brainer. Good for the planet and good for human health as well.
The convenience was perfectly illustrated, as Aaron ran a video demonstrating how easy it is to simply plug the car in at night. And that's it. Unless you are travelling a far distance, there is no need to stop and charge during the day while you are commuting, running errands or simply enjoying a quiet drive in the countryside.
Aaron provided a couple great resources to learn more about electric vehicles and what's available in Canada. Below is a link to the PlugnDrive website and here is a link to an EV price/availability/specifications spreadsheet. Many thanks to Aaron and Bill for putting this together.
Rotary Club of Ottawa South members joined in person and virtually for this meeting.
RCOS Environmental Committee Enviro Tip

Have you heard of eco-friendlyTruEarth laundry strips? 

There are 30 billion loads of laundry done each year in North America.

If everyone switched to Eco-Strips we could eliminate 1 billion plastic jugs, and save truck fuel and CO2 equivalent to taking 27 million cars off the road a day... or planting 9 million new trees.

"Pumpkins for Polio" is happening now!
The event is a pumpkin carving contest with all proceeds going to End Polio Now. Submissions must include a $10 donation and will be accepted up to and until October 31st. Prizes will go to the spookiest, most elaborate, funniest, and most creative pumpkins, and winners receive their choice of a $40 Cineplex gift card or a $40 gift card to a coffee shop of their choosing!
Donations via etransfer can be sent to 

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12:20pm Wednesday Oct 27, 2021