RoTell December 21, 2016
Lunch/AGM meeting was held at the Ottawa Golf & Hunt Club      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Gary's lovely wife, Gezina, joined us for lunch as did Rosemary's son Owen.
  • Club members endoresed the Board's wish to donate $2,000 to hospice care. The Board sought Club approval since it was not one of our agreed priorities.
  • We are saddened by the departures of Dawn Cooper and Julia Ginley. Both have contributed greatly to our club and will be missed. They have promised to remain Friends of RCOS, so we look forward to seing them at some upcoming events.
  • Patrick Slinn is resigning as club Treasurer, Sam Monsour will competently take the reigns. Patrick was thanked for the several years of exceptional service that he has provided to the club as Treasurer. Now that he'll have so much extra time we look forward to his involvement on another committee. ;-)
  • Gary Pluim has surgery scheduled for Dec 29 and will be on leave of absence from teh Club until April. We all wish him well.
Monique Warraack - December 22
Ian Warrack - December 26 (huh, he's only 4 days older than Monique!)
Joan Hunter - January 3
Bernie Ingimundson - January 7
Happy Bucks
Rosemary found out who was naughty or nice as she collected our good wishes for a loonie.
Julia handled the 50/50 draw with great aplomb. Ian was almost as gracious when he won ticket draw... then lost the card draw.
Joan Hunter chaired this portion of the meeting. It was then handed over to Dawn Cooper for the AGM.
Russell Hampton
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