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RoTell - October 14, 2020
RoTell - October 14, 2020
Our Zoom meeting was both informative and engaging. Many wonderful members, old and new, on the Zoom meeting today. Unfortunately, your sometimes-intrepid editor forgot to take a screen shot, so we'll all have to find something else to put above the mantlepiece.


  • District Conference is this weekend. Follow this link to view sessions and register. You'll then receive an email with a link to the session. At an upcoming RCOS meeting we will review the sessions and share our take-aways and thoughts. Perhaps even plan to integrate some of the ideas.
  • Joan reported on an interesting food fundraiser by RC of Brockville's.2020 Thanksgiving Rotary Food Drive in support of the Brockville Area and South Grenville Food Banks. This year they made it a community-wide effort with a goal for this year's drive is $50,000 in cash and 26,000 pounds of food. Read more.
  • Jeanine had followed up with the OCDSB regarding fundraising for Chromebooks. In essence, the schools feel that these should be provided by the province, since the province has made them a requirement for e-learning. So well focus our fundraising efforts in other areas.
  • New member Mo gave us a quick intro. He has already been helping our club with special pricing on the backpacks we provided to deserving young students earlier this fall; so we won't hold it against him that he is a friend of Dave's!
  • The Rotaract Clubs are making steady progress with their youth mental health project. Scott shared their update:
    • Currently working on collecting resources on more relevant topics (i.e. impact of social media on mental wellbeing, COVID-19) and integrating these into our sessions.
    • Found two short videos to include in the modules to supplement the documentary and program content.
    • Planning to do a dry run sometime after October 19 and make changes to the sessions as needed.
    • Since project members are still working on new additions to the sessions and have exams for the next few weeks, unfortunately, we have decided to push back the first session with our Rotaract Clubs for the first week of November.
  • You can take the Breaking Free From Depression facilitation course on the OpenPediatrics website. The course and resources were developed by the Boston Children's Hospital with many collaborators many years ago. The online course is enlightening and well presented. It takes close to 4 hours and is free.
  • Bill reported on the Regional Membership meeting. Clubs agreed to start having joint meetings among clubs to with joint initiatives, connect and share. It would also provide a larger audience for attracting guest speakers.

Happy Bucks

Joan facilitated Happy Bucks, everyone shared their thanksgivings and misgivings. Of note, Irena is back from Russia with love (for Alex), Bernie has a brand-new grandson (William), Rosemary's mother is suffering from dementia and transitioning to a home (hard time for Rosemary and family).
Next meeting is Wednesday October 21, 2020. at 12:30 pm. (Meetings are weekly on Zoom)
Stay safe, be healthy, be kind.