RoTell January 18, 2017
RoTell January 18, 2017
RoTell January 18, 2017
Lunch meeting was held at KS on the Keys      Scribe: Rosemary Parker
Guest Speaker was our illustrious DG Nabil Oudeh.
  • Ian and Monique are selling tickets for Trivia Night on Friday, February 17th.  Tickets: $25
  • Rotaract Club of Ottawa South are having a Coffee House on Friday, January 27th from 8:00 – 10:00 pm at the Rooster Café (Carleton University Centre). They are raising money for a ‘shelter box’. Their goal is to raise $1200.
  • Next meeting: Wednesday, 25 January 2017 at KS on the keys. Monique will be our speaker.
  • Check our website for a list of upcoming events.
Happy Bucks
Jonny collected Happy Bucks and there were lots of happy people today.
Joan sold tickets for 50/50 and her own name was drawn. Some people thought it was rigged!! She did not draw the joker. Better luck next time Joan.
Guest Speaker
Nabil Oudeh, District Govenor was our guest speaker. He is encouraging clubs in our district to thrive and survive.
He made three main points:
  1. Club rejuvenation – be a welcoming club.
  2. Sweat equity bank – giving of our time is powerful.
  3. Youth Programs – for long term viability of Rotary.
President Peter White ended the meeting promptly at 1:30pm.
Russell Hampton
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