Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
RCOS eBulletin – March 7, 2018
Lunch meeting was held at KS on the Keys      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Our Speaker today is our very own Peter Pauker giving his classification talk
  • A social Dinner at Yangtze restaurant (700 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6P6) is scheduled for Thursday April 5 at 6pm. This is for members, family and friends. Please let Carlo know if you will attend.
  • Saturday, April 21 is the Somali Hope Foundation annual gala. Tickets are $80. We’d like to support this event with a couple of tables,  speak to Ian asap if you’d like to go.
  • Keep in mind that members (and family and friends) will be needed to volunteer at both the golf tournament and Polo in the Park Ottawa.
  • Great news: Joan has agreed to sit as President for a second term with full support of the Executive.
  • Next week’s meeting will be a Brainstorming about Community Projects.
  • Check our website homepage for upcoming meetings and events.
Sam commandeered the 50/50 draw this week. Monique had the winning ticket and showed she has lots of heart by drawing the 8 of hearts. So the pot will start to grow again.
Happy Bucks
Gary shared his exuberance for life and encouraged us to do likewise… for a $1.
Peter Pauker Classification Talk
Born in Czechoslovakia, but in 1968 when the tanks rolled in his family left for France, and then emigrated to Canada. Speaking no English, Peter picked it up pretty quickly thanks to several hours a day in English at high school, but realized he preferred math and science to language! He went on to graduate from U0T in Applied Sciences and landed a job with the government in food testing. Moving to Ottawa, Peter worked in various departments, applying his science schooling and retired after 36 years. He shared several interesting facts about food and food production (if anyone asks, Brazil is the largest producer of beef).
Peter now spends some time working in renovations with a friend and, lucky for us, contributing his time to Rotary events.
President Joan ended the meeting promptly at 1:30pm.
Joan Hunter, Peter Pauker and Sam Monsour after Peter's classification talk.