Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
RoTell - January 10, 2018
Scribe: Joan Hunter
Bernie informed us that he is gearing up to activate the Golf Committee.  He is still waiting for confirmation of “our date” from the Hunt Club.
On behalf of Allan, Joan mentioned the idea of holding of a “games night” where members, family and friends could attend.  We are thinking of a Thursday or Friday night and this would be in lieu of the Wednesday noon meeting.  We would use the money from lunch to cover drinks and appetizers. The first week in February is our tentative plan - subject to availability of the room at KS.
Monique mentioned the Stittsville Club’s “trivia night” being held on February 23rd.  We would like to have two tables (16 people).  A few members have already signed on as have some of our Rotaractors.
Gary and Alex are planning our next breakfast get-together.  More to come from them.
Jacques is back with us for a month and then will return to Florida.  He did happy bucks.
Ian had the winning ticket in the 50/50 draw but no luck finding the joker.  The deck is getting very small so someone is going to be lucky very soon.
Our “mystery presenter” was Ian!  He conducted a quiz on New Year’s celebration in various countries around the world which we all enjoyed.