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RoTell - March 4, 2021

via Zoom, Scribe: Scott Vetter


  • Fay Campbell, DG-elect
  • Paul Elsley, RC Kingston (guest speaker)



  • Joan announced that a task force is being formed to perform due diligence and explore the opportunity of selling Happy Goat coffee.
Guest Speaker: Paul Elsley, Rotary Club of Kingston
Paul's talk is aptly titled "From Challenge to Opportunity". As President of the Rotary Club of Kingston, Paul and his team faced many significant challenges and managed to turn them all into opportunities. His talk was a solid serving of facts and figures, guidance, inspiration, and an invitation to rise to our own challenges and seize our own opportunities.
Faced with diminishing memberships, dropping involvement in service clubs overall, and yeah, the pandemic, the Rotary Clubs of Kingston decided to work together and dream big.
Through hard work and an infectious enthusiasm, the clubs exceeded fundraising goals; provided weekly food hampers to 550 families; made, sold and distributed Rotary branded masks; assisted in mass COVID-19 vaccinations; and added dozens of members. They've also put Rotary in the news repeatedly, averaging 1.5 articles in Kingston media each week over several months.
An incredible list of accomplishments for a club, all the more impressive when many Rotary clubs have been hunkered down waiting for pandemic restrictions to ease.
Find out more, see Paul's presentation in PDF format, click the button below.
Members of the Rotary Club of Ottawa South were impressed and inspired by the success of Paul Elsley and his team at RC Kingston.
In lieu of a regular meeting last week, Dave arranged a tasting at the Salvation Army Citadel to sample Happy Goat coffee. It was great!

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

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