October 28, 2020, 12:0pm
Meeting held Online via Zoom


  • From Joan: Sam and I had gone to Scotiabank on Tuesday. We did a wire transfer to the Uganda school to cover the tuition of 20 girls.  We also started to set up an e-transfer mechanism that will allow members to pay their dues in this fashion. Both Sam and I have to return to the bank to redo this as they were unable to link the bank cards we were given to our general account. I also want to pursue having the transfers done as an auto-deposit so that there would not be a need for a password. As soon as this is ready to go I will send an email to the members with the necessary details.
  • Also, Sam will be sending invoices by email to members with the dues that are owing. For the present time we will only invoice for the Rotary portion or $75 per quarter.
  • From Bill: Area Membership Meeting on Tuesday, 27 October, 2020 was chaired by Kateri Clark of the Downtown club. The main topic discussed was the establishment of an area networking meeting, the purpose of which is to facilitate area members in getting to know members outside of their own club. This is to be done within a framework objective of gradually bringing to bear the unified resources of the various clubs to provide service around current societal needs, while increasing the perceived relevance of Rotary to the larger community. The group agreed that the issue of Environment might be the most topical of the issues at hand. The objective is to convene an areawide meeting within the next month.
  • From prez to guv: Joan has accepted the position of Area Governor for the July 2021 to June 2023 term.

Happy Bucks

Pres Joan led us in a lively discussion as we shared our news and things for which we are grateful.


We heard from members who had attended District Conference sessions over the past weekend. Only a handful did, which was rather disappointing, but they did get some good ideas and inspiration to benefit our club.
Some over-riding themes include working collaboratively with other Rotary clubs, and even other service clubs. The importance of the environment as a guiding focus in our activities. Reaching out to speakers to address many clubs online, such as Ottawa Riverkeepers.
President Joan ended the session a little after 1:30 due to an engaging and participative discussion that had a life of its own.
Some of the attendees at the Rotary Club of Ottawa South's October 28 Zoom meeting. (If you don't stay to the bitter end you miss out on the group shot!)
Russell Hampton
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