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RoTell - March 31, 2021

via Zoom, Scribe: Scott Vetter


  • April 24 City Clean-up for Earth Day: Joan has arranged for our club to clean up around the Ottawa Rotary Home (as we have done for several years), as well as Pine Grove trails area. We will meet at 9:30am Saturday April 24 at the Ottawa Rotary Home (823 Rotary Way Ottawa, Ontario K1T 3W6) Members, family and friends are welcome to pitch in and pick up!
  • President Joan confirmed that the Global Grant Scholarship application by Molly O'Ray has been endorsed and delivered to District.
  • Presidents' Council met this past Monday morning and Joan reported that there is interest in a local version of the international Rotary Means Business. It helps Rotarians promote their business/service to other Rotarians. She'll keep us apprised to developments.
  • Dave will soon have further information regarding potential coffee fundraising venture with Happy Goat.

Happy Bucks

Bucks were happy... hey, it's spring. 
Strategic Plan Review - Act ll

Like any good dramatic play, the strategic review will unfold over several acts. At times it may seem Shakespearean, but in the end we will all be very much alive and working together to a common goal.

Today Joan and Alex guided us in our discussion on fundraising. Many ideas were brought forth and supported by good discussion and exchange of ideas.

Ideas that take COVID-19 into consideration, such as online auctions, 50/50 raffle for valuable item, and the viability of a golf tournament this year were discussed.

We were reminded that fundraisers are most successful when attached to a specific cause or goal. As well that our club has the ability to write charitable receipts, which is an advantage.

The discussion on fundraising will continue next week, when we expect to draw some conclusions and sketch out a draft action plan for fundraising.

Click below for a PDF of the summary slides of our previous process. Join our next meeting to join in on the conversation.

"What we do is touch other the horizon to them...say You matter. You see, the five men who chose me to become a Rotary Scholar are gone...but they are not. They never will be. Because along the way, I will in my own way share with others - and have - what those five men and the 60 members of the Rotary Club of Marshall, Texas and the tens of thousands of other members of Rotary did in 1956 when they said, "Bill Moyers, you can matter." 
Quote from Bill Moyers, TV journalist and commentator, and former Deputy Director of the (American) Peace Corps.
Your scribe was so engaged in the discussion that saving a screen capture was forgotten. And unfortunately, Robin (our resident photographer who often grabs a screen shot) wasn't in attendance today. 

Don't miss our next meeting - the strategy discussion continues! Click the button below next Wednesday at 12:29 PM.