RoTell - December 9, 2020


Rotel Annual General Meeting

President Joan handed the gavel to Rotel Board of Directors Chair Laird Rasmussen. Laird gave an over view of this very particular year, which involved closing the motel from March 27 to June 14 due to COVID-19. The motel is currently operating at close to 50% occupancy and continues to slowly trend in a positive direction.
Laird conducted the business of Rotel's 35th annual general meeting.

RCOS Weekly Meeting


  • Rosemary organized the Salvation Army Christmas kettle for Loblaws Saturday December 12 from 10am – 8pm. Many thanks to Rosemary, Jeff, Joan, Peter, David, Alex and Scott for volunteering.
  • Rosemary also reported that she had bought the $3,000 of Giant Tiger gift cards (GT added 5% for an additional $150 of gift cards). They will be distributed by Salvation Army to local families prior to Christmas.
  • Eva commented that the Probus meeting earlier this day had 34 members attending. Rotary and service takes on many different forms locally, it is good to see such activity.
  • Joan picked up a conversation started at our Board meeting regarding developing a Membership package. Bill, Alex, Jeanine and Scott will form a committee to develop a draft, input from every member will be appreciated.
  • A new member induction will be held early next year, perhaps at a physical location that can accommodate social distancing for our group. Gary says his church can do so.
  • Several members have been providing socks for the Salvation Army, Jeff clocked in at an impressive 24 pairs, and Joan blew by with 36. The race is on.
  • There was discussion regarding the RCOS Board as well as revisiting the strategic plan work done a couple years ago. Fodder for next week, which is the RCOS annual meeting. Joan will be sending out financials soon.
  • Joan suggested that we start collecting food for the Food Bank, an idea to be fleshed out next week.
  • After our meeting next week, the club will break until January 6.
Your scribe forgot to snap an image of the many engaged members at today's meeting, here is one from a previous meeting.
Russell Hampton
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