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RoTell – July 14, 2021

Rotary Club Ottawa South eBulletin

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Editor: Scott Vetter, Assistant Editor: Rosemary Parker, Photographer: Robin Spencer


  • O Canada: Dave would like to bring back the singing of O Canada to our meetings. Next week we will have a ‘surprise singer’ to sing O Canada. If anyone else would like to sing their version of O Canada, let Dave know.

  • Zoom Link: Dave reminded us to use the link at the bottom of the RoTell newsletter to join our zoom meetings.
  • In-person Meetings: With COVID restrictions relaxing Dave would like to start meeting in person at KS. Rules and regulations are still unclear but Dave will speak to Bobby at KS to clarify what those rules are. We have a tentative date set for August 11th to meet in person. There was also a lot of discussion about zooming people into the meetings at KS, but again, a discussion with Bobby to talk about AV equipment and technical capabilities.
  • Cash Calendars: The Ottawa West Rotary Club is selling cash calendars. They have asked if we would like to be involved with this project. The calendars are $20.00 each and we would collect $10.00 for each calendar sold. Dave asked the group to think about this project and we will discuss it again in a couple of weeks.
  • Dictionaries 4 Life: We will go ahead with this project again this year, however, there is a delay in receiving these books due to issues surrounding Covid 19.
  • Backpacks: We will once again provide backpacks to The Salvation Army and Banff-Ledbury Community Centre. Mack has a contact he will connect with and Rosemary will follow up with Moe to see if his contact from Ottawa Carleton Education Foundation is able to donate some bags. Rosemary would like to have the bags in house for the week of August 23rd.
  • Clean Up the Capital: Awaiting a date and the club is still keen to be involved in this initiative.

Happy Bucks

Lots of happy thoughts from the group.


Fundraising Ideas

1. Happy Goat Coffee

2. Car Rally

3. Pool Party

4. Selling Trees

5. Night at The Races

Great ideas and great discussion on the fundraising topic and it will be an ongoing discussion in future meetings. If anyone has other ideas, please forward them to Dave.


President Dave ended the meeting promptly at 1:30 pm.

Screen capture of July 14 Zoom meeting for Rotary Club of Ottawa South.

Several members from the Rotary Club of Ottawa South plan and discuss issues for the new Rotary year.

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