RoTell October 11, 2017
RoTell October 11, 2017
RCOS eBulletin – October 11, 2017
Lunch meeting was held at KS on the Keys      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Jeffrey Parkhouse, Rotaract Ottawa South President
  • Riley Wagner, Rotaract Ottawa South President-Elect
  • No meeting Oct 25. A flag will be raised for Polio Day at City Hall on October 23 at 8am. A good turn-out is expected from RCOS. Please advise Ian re attendance.
  • Monique informed us that Dr. James Hutchinson died on Oct 2. There will be a memorial on Nov 25 at St Timothy’s.
  • Joan let us know that Reg Francis is currently in a program that occurs Wednesdays, so he won’t be available for a club celebration until later in the year. She’ll advise.
  • Want a ticket for the Masters Draw? Let Joan know asap… like, now.
  • Monique is flogging wine purchased for PITPO:
    • Chianti: $15, Chardonnay: $20; Pinot: $13
  • Jeff informed us that Dictionary 4 Life date to hand out dictionaries will be determined shortly, he will advise and is looking for several volunteers.
  • Alex reminded us that Quora night at the races (always a fun event) is Nov 12. Please contact Alex asap for tickets.
  • Alex advised that things are progressing with our Domenica fundraising project, in conjunction with Rotary Club of Orleans.
  • Visit to Youth Now Farm for Rotary clubs is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 21. Let Joan know if you’d like to attend.
  • Check our website homepage for upcoming meetings and events.
Happy Bucks
Joan, did double-duty of chairing the meeting and collecting our loonies. As our senior elected official, she governed our happiness and taxed us each a dollar.
Joan was on a roll as she kept the momentum going from Happy Bucks to our 50/50 draw. The GAS (Gary, Allan, Sam) consortium won the ticket draw (again). If this continues we may need third-party auditing for the 50/50 process. To everyone’s enjoyment, they drew the 3 of Hearts — so they should each feel somewhat heartened that they missed the jackpot.
Presentation from Rotaract Club of Ottawa South
Jeffrey Parkhouse updated us on the happenings at the Carleton University club. 80 people signed up at the Club Expo and their meetings have been strong at 30 participants. They are organizing a Development Night and are interested in our members attending and providing some info and insight. They plan to fundraise for a ShelterBox again this year, as well as supporting HIV awareness in Honduras. Interested in more news?
President Joan ended the meeting promptly at 1:30pm.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.