is a premier clinic and community centre providing health services and programs to a segment of Canadians who are lacking the care and support we all deserve. Wabano is a leader in community-based holistic health care and bridges native cultural practices with western medicine to combat poverty and illness in Canada´s First People.

Every year, over 10,000 Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals use Wabano services, and there is still a greater need. A new building will allow Wabano to improve its healthcare facility, expand its programs and serve more clients.

Members of the Aboriginal community created Wabano and operate it with strong leadership and efficient management. Since its inception in 1998, it has proven to be a beacon of success, winning many local and national awards. The new building provides a stronger foundation allowing Wabano to achieve more.

Like other provincial health and community centres, Wabano is funded by the provincial government. Unlike other centres, Wabano has sought out partnerships, sponsorships and performs its own additional fundraising. In the new building Wabano will be developing financially self-sufficient sections that will also serve as teaching and training centres for catering, events planning and fashion design.

Understanding the importance of heritage and symbolism, the new Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health is designed by Douglas Cardinal and will be a landmark structure. In addition to needed health and social care, the new Wabano building will provide beauty and inspiration.

Wabano is raising funds for its spectacular new building so that they can achieve more. They are building a new legacy of native-driven care and support for Aboriginals.

The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health offers structured services and programs:

  • Enhanced health services for women and their families including pre and post-natal support, and diagnostic services such as mammograms and ultrasounds.
  • Culturally-based outreach programs, after school programs, family counselling, and life skills development specific to youth and community development initiatives.
  • Expanded community health services including diabetes care, chronic disease prevention and management, seniors support, addictions support, and homelessness outreach.

  • Employment and skill development for youth, women and the broader community through specific social enterprises (i.e. catering and fashion).
  • Entrepreneurship training and workshops to enable the creation of new art for the community and a space to highlight Aboriginal culture and art.

  • A cultural meeting space for the neighbourhood and broader community that highlights Canada´s unique identity through Aboriginal design.
  • A premier gathering space available for celebrations, conferences, and workshops.
  • Training and cultural education for organizations, medical students and the broader community.