RoTell - October 5, 2016
RoTell October 5, 2016
RoTell October 5, 2016
Lunch meeting was held at the Ottawa Golf & Hunt Club      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Dr. Wendy O'Conner (guest speaker), Rachelle O'Connor, Marvin Baker, Dan Valillee
  • District Conference: Oct 28 - 29  Buy your tickets NOW.
  • Whisky & Wine event for Ottawa Rotary Home: Thursday Oct 20 6:30-9:30pm
    KPMG 18th Floor
  • Alex Davidson reported that Quota's A Night at the Races was a very enjoyable evening and a successful fundraiser. Thanks to all who attended.
  • Dawn Cooper:
    - Bring some non-perishable food to our meeting next week. It will be given to the Salvation Army to distribute to those in need.
    - Our Club will work at teh Mission making lunhces on Wednesday Nov 5. Our shift will be either 9 - 11 am or 1 - 3 pm.
  • Rosemary Parker said that Dictionairies 4 Life will be given out at Charles Hulse school on Octover 20. Thanks to those who have volunteered to hlep out.
  • Joan Hunter commented that she was at FlyDay over teh weekend with some neices/nephews - all had a great time!
  • Monique Warrack reported that Polo in the Park Ottawa neeted over $6K and full details will be available next week. 
  • Check our website homepage for upcoming meetings and events.
Happy Bucks
Gary Pluim handled Happy Bucks with great aplomb, accepting our loonies and tales of happiness and gratitude.
Sam Monsour conducted the 50/50 draw, with such expertise that that Joker remained hidden. So the pot grows... somewhere north of $100.
Presentation from Speaker
Joan Hunter introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Wendy O'Connor Dr. Wendy E. O’Connor is a social psychologist, specializing in organizational politics. She founded Executive Spin Inc. in 2002. She delivers professional executive assessment and leadership coaching.
Clients have expressed their appreciation for her ability to accurately understand their world, thus fostering an atmosphere of respect, credibility, and trust. Dr. O’Connor views her dialogue with clients as an opportunity to explore new approaches, create a fresh awareness, and focus on enhancing and/or redefining areas benefitting both the individual and the organization. A key ingredient for success is her ability to operationalize a vision. The vision then acts as a catalyst for change, promotes focus, and allows for clarity of action.
Here is a key for the Political Skill Inventory self-assessment quiz distributed by Dr. O'Connor:
Add up your score (the numbers you wrote after each question) and divide by 18.  You will have a score between 1 and 7.  Higher scores mean you have more political skill, lower scores mean you have less.  You should be above 4—and possibly well above 4—if you have aspirations to reach great heights of power.
The questions measure four dimensions of political skill, so you can also see where you are stronger and weaker. 
Questions 5, 7, 16, 17, and 18 measure social astuteness; 
Questions 2, 3, 4, and 12 measure interpersonal influence; 
Questions 8, 13, and 14 assess your apparent sincerity; 
Questions 1, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 15 measure you networking ability.
Alex Davidson thanked Dr. O'Connor for an interesting and engaging talk.
President Peter ended the meeting promptly at 1:30pm.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.