RoTell November 2, 2016
RoTell November 2, 2016
Lunch meeting was held at The Hunt & Golf Club      Scribe: Scott Vetter
  • Dan Vallillee, Dave from RC Chesterville, and Guest Speaker Shelley Spruit (Against the Grain Farms)
  • Nepean RC is hosting a Celtic Evening & Whisky Tasting: Friday November 18 at the Stonebridge Golf & Country Club. 6:30 – 9:30pm. Buffet, entertainment and whisky tasting. Tickets are $90. See details here.
  • RI Foundation will double Paul Harris Fellow recognition points for any Foundation giving committed by Nov 20.
  • We will be making sandwiches at The Mission either on November 23rd or 30th. This date has to be clarified. There will be no meeting that week as it will be replaced with The Mission activity.
  • District Conference was terrific - best attendance in many years. Plenaries were interested and worthwhile. The House of Friendship (our Club’s responsibility) was full and exhibitors felt it was a great success. Would have been nice to see more representation from our Club at the conference.
  • Check our website homepage for upcoming meetings and events.
Presentation from Speaker
Shelley Spruit from Against the Grain gave an impassioned and informative presentation. In an era where we seek to standardize everything, even the food we eat —one seed, one crop, one choice— has become a powerful universal metaphor for monopoly, mistreatment and harm. The repercussions are all around us - rising health issues, environmental impacts, and a decline in local and available food production. This begs the question, what do we need to change?
At Against the Grain we’re advocates for consumer choice. We’re cultivating and harvesting grains from around the world and planting a mix of local pure unmodified seeds. We've meticulously worked to establish and bring back a wide selection of heritage and new grains that can be grown locally — in our soil, in our climate.
By harnessing the power of these grains, we offer fresh wholesome food choices that are proven contributors to good health and well-being. Our mission, we’re proud to say, is to offer all consumers the power to change —one seed at a time.
Against the Grain Farms grows an ancient grain purple corn seed that is delicious and good for you. They just started working with an Ontario manufacturer who has been making authentic Mexican corn products for over twenty years.
Unlike most nacho chips that are made from imported masa flour with many added preservatives, these nacho chips are manufactured using a century old method called nixtamalization. The process begins with Against the Grain Farms whole purple corn seed which is cooked with lime and then ground in a stone grinder — the stones are made from lava rock mined in Mexico.
Locally grown and cold pressed sunflower oil is used to give the nacho’s exceptional crispiness. Authentically 100% grown and manufactured right here in Ontario.
Benefits of this special Purple Corn:
- GMO Free
- Gluten Free
- Whole Grain
- High in Antioxidants (more antioxidants and essential amino acids than blueberries!)
You’re not going to find healthier, fresher or tastier tortilla chips!
Sales of these chips support Against the Grain Farms’ farm local – buy local initiatives.
250g bags are only $3.25. Orders can be placed though Scott.
Available flavours:
President Peter ended the meeting promptly at 1:30pm.
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